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Text Box: Councilman Wayne Huffman and Mayor Robert Green view one of the Springs.  Mayor Green is enjoying a drink from one of the Mineral Springs.





"The following are excerpts from the book ( looking for the book! ) on page 34".

A movement to develop the town (Blue Ridge) as a summer resort developed when the Rev. Joel Cutts, pastor of the Blue Ridge Baptist Church found three mineral springs.  He cleaned out the springs, had the water analyzed, and let the people know about it.

Drinking the water was believed to benefit one's general health because the springs have magnesium, iron and sulphur. Eva Baugh remembers the mineral springs, "People came from South Georgia, Atlanta, places like that, mostly during July and August.  Folks stayed for weeks at the hotel and boarding houses. The thought the water would heal them if they drank it and they carried it away in jugs.  It smelled like swamp water to me.  Some people just came for the day and would arrive on the train.  People walked from town to the mineral springs. Everyone walked in those days and that wasn't considered very far then.  Even if you didn't drink the water, it was a good place to gossip."

on page 35

Between 1910 and 1920 a six-sided pavilion was constructed at the mineral springs, on the Georgia Baptist Assembly Grounds. We are looking for more information from the citizens of Blue Ridge.  As more information becomes available, this page will be updated.

Text Box: This spring has a marble bottom surrounded by a old type of what appears to be asphalt material.

Text Box: Engraving can still be seen on marble stones in this spring. "Mineral" is engraved on the stone on the left, and "Springs" is engraved on the stone on the right.  "John Green" is engraved on the stone just above the spring.

Text Box: This spring is surrounded by a concrete block wall and marble stones.